There is nothing better than having a glossy shine on our floors.  When our floors shine, we feel happy, we have a sense of everything being fresh and clean.  The one way that we can accomplish this is by adding a nice layer of wax to our floors.  With commercial floor waxing greenville sc, it is possible to achieve some great success and happy clients.

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Remove all dirt and debris

Prep work is going to be the most important thing that we do to ensure that we get a glossy shine on our floors.  When we prep our floors, we are removing any dirt, dust, debris and more from our floors.  When this is done, it won’t mix with the wax and dull our results.

Remove all furniture from the area

Another part of prep is to remove all the furniture from the area.  Furniture such as tables, chairs and more will become obstacles to overcome in the cleaning process. If you are able, remove the furniture from the room all together.  If this is not possible, move the furniture to the other side of the room.

Sweep and mop

The next step is to sweep the room with a boom.  You can also use a dry mop that will help pick up and take with it all of the dirt that has collected on the floor.  This process should be done at least twice.  The first pass will get all of the main dirt where the second will pick up any stragglers.

Spot mop

From here you will want to spot mop.  Spot mopping is where you will go and focus on spills, stains and other areas that need additional work and attention.  To spot mop you want to hit the area with a pretreated or concentrated level of cleaning solution or soap.  You will allow this to sit and break up the dirt.  From there you will allow it to sit before mopping the floor.


Finally, go ahead and wax the floor. This will be easy since there is nothing in your path that will prevent you for achieving a clean shinny floor.