The world is built on data.  Each one of us has turned from a name and an identity to a single number.  Back in the nineteen eighties we used to have television programs and movies that featured a digital analyst combing through tons of numbers on old outdated computers with flashy graphics.  Today, we have the same thing but without the flashing graphics. 

With large companies like Digital Analyst Team managing data today, it is important that we as consumers and general people learn to protect our data.  If we fail to protect our data, then hackers and crackers will gain access and start to raise havoc.


Passwords are the key to our security online.  When we are asked to create a password many of us will use something simple or even out of the ordinary.  Then, a month or two later we will have an update or something will go wrong and we will need to enter in our password again. And you know what, no one will ever remember their passwords.

This is why we need to focus on different ways to protect our data.  Companies are now out there working on bio-authentication practices where we will need to use a thumbprint or a retina scan.  These are practices that we have seen in sixties science fiction which are now coming into reality today.


With everything going online we really need to focus on maintaining offline security.  This can be storing your information on a local machine and not on the Internet.  Perhaps doing everything online and then downloading it to a thumb drive or other external device.  If you want to remain online however, consider creating an account on a totally separate computer that has no affiliation to you.  This way, if someone tries to hack you, they won’t have any info on your main accounts and won’t know if you have a separate computer connected on a totally different network holding all your private data.